Skysperse/Skyjet Pigment Concentration Paste

1.     Main Products & Applications:


SKYSPERSE/SKYJET pigment dispersion pastes are the mixing concentrates achieved from dissolving the chips in form of either free flowing pourable liquids or high viscosity pastes.


SKYSPERSE pigment pastes may be easily incorporated into letdown varnishes to produce high quality of printing inks.


SKYSPERSE pigment pastes are snack colors for the ink and coating applications and can be used in producing the excellent quality of printing inks, paints and coatings. Besides, they will reduce the production time, labor cost, and provide more flexibility in formulation and production.


2.     Incorporation Of Pigmented Pastes:


A high shear mixing equipments is necessary for its optimum efficiency. The same technique is recommended for both the semi-liquid dispersion and paste dispersion during letdown and incorporation. Proper letdown technique is critical when using a dispersion in order to avoid pigment reagglomeration. The major reason of pigment reagglomeration are because of incompatibility or pigment shock which can result when the pigment concentration is quickly reduced in viscosity or introduced into a vehicle system improperly.


The best solution is to reduce the pigment dispersion with small amounts of total vehicle system under good agitation. This should be done until the viscosity of paste appromimates the viscosity of base vehicle system. When this is reached, the dispersion can be added to the vehicle system at a steady rate until the dispersion becomes fully incorporated. This should be done under good agitation with full movement in the tank. After the incorporation is complete, total system should be mixed thoroughly to guarantee a homogeneous mixture.


Special care should be paid if the solvents alone are used for dispersion reduction. It is recommended to use most active solvent first. If this cannot be done, a mixture of the total solvent blend should be used. A non-solvent or diluents should never be used alone.


3.     Basic Rules Of Letdown


Do not add materials with big different viscosities.

The viscosity of the pigment dispersion and the vehicle based should be approximately the same to avoid physical shock..

Make additions always under good agitation.

Letdown vehicle should be a mixture of solvents and resin.

If using solvents alone, always use the most active solvent fist or a mixture of the total solvent system.

Never add non-solvents or diluents alone.