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SKYMENT pigments are essential for coloring printing inks, plastic master batches, color concentrates ,pigment dispersions, textile printing pastes, paints and coatings.

SKYMENT pigments are classified into various types to target specific applications. These pigments are specially treated and functionally selected for maximum performance in specific color processing.

SKYMENT pigments are technically advanced with high performance, competitive pricing and good service. The products are exported over 60 countries worldwide.

SKYMENT PIGMENTS for general use and applications. In this category, you will find a wide spectrum of colors for various applications.

SKYMENT I-TYPE PIGMENTS are surface-treated and specially selected for coloring solvent and water-based printing inks.This type of pigments have the advantage of high tinctorial strength, good flow, good dispensability and solvent fastness.

SKYMENT T-TYPE PIGMENTS are targeted for textile printing with good fastness to light, washing, rubbing and bleaching. Especially, this type of pigments include some non-toxic and safe pigments for textile printing colors.

SKYMENT P-TYPE PIGMENTS are specially treated and selected for excellent performance in processing plastic additives, master batches, concentrates and color preparations.

SKYMENT C-TYPE PIGMENTS are carefully selected organic pigments for application in paints and coatings.


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